I’m a 21 year old, brown eyed girl with opinions about everything and no filter (go figure). Rain drops, cheese, reggae music, muscle cars, adventures, and daisies are a few of my favorite things. I believe in honesty, freedom, beauty, truth and above all love. I am here to organize all of my sticky notes, diaries, composition notepads, napkins, receipts, and back of my hand grocery lists into one pile of life experience and share it with each and every one of you. I hope you all thoroughly enjoy my roller coaster ride of a life. Share with me the ups, downs,and zig-zags. Cry with me, fly with me, laugh with me, fall with me and be the first hand witnesses to my failure and success.
#gocolts (Taken with Instagram)
  1. #gocolts (Taken with Instagram)

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